About Our Makers

Bootblack Brand


Bootblack Brand was born while sitting on a barstool with friends frustrated by the lack in quality of the cocktails being served. Built on the premise we do not eat or drink anything inferior I started experimenting with classic flavor profiles with a twist using natural ingredients including fresh produce and botanicals.

Anchor Toffee

Anchor Toffee started back in 2014 when the art of candy making brought us even closer. 

 Our signature Almond Butter Toffee is made the way it was 100 years ago.  With sweet cream butter, sugar, kosher salt, whole almond and coated in a 55% dark chocolate and granulated almonds.  The perfect New England treasure you can't resist.   

Borealis Coffee Company


Borealis Coffee Company connects people with great coffee. We’re a specialty coffee roaster in Riverside and Pawtucket, Rhode Island and we’re passionate about coffee. We’re here to bridge the gap between diner coffee and craft brews, between coffee snobs and everyday drinkers, because we believe coffee is an experience worth sharing with everyone.  




Snackcraft founder and executive chef Nicole Craft is a vegetable-forward chef in pursuit of creating the perfect bite.

Craft has a passion for simple, flavorful recipes. Her techniques in the kitchen amplify the native flavor, aroma and texture of the ingredients she sources. Her signature use of smoke, spices and local ingredients make each bite distinctively different from the typical fare.